About Oster

Legendary Performance since 1946

Oster has been making kitchen appliances for almost 70 years and is a household name in the USA, most commonly associated with blending, constructed with an exclusive All Metal DriveTM, are renowned for performance and longevity.

A look through the ages

The John Oster Manufacturing Company was founded in 1924 by John Oster and originally specialized in manually-powered hair clippers, using his engineering and farming background to produce products with interchangeable and removable blades.


In order to diversify, Oster® bought the Stevens Electric Company, which had a patent for the liquifying blender, acquired in 1922. Soon after the acquisition, the first “Osterizer” blender was created. With technological advancements, the blender became more powerful, with increased capability and functions including chopping, grating, grinding and pureeing.


The Oster® rod-type mixer and portable mixer were introduced to make food transformation in the kitchen easier and quicker.


John Oster Manufacturing applied for a patent on its variable pitch fan, a durable and well-made design that still lives inside the Oster® blenders of today.


Oster Manufacturing was acquired by Sunbeam Products Inc., a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, a world-renowned consumer products company with a diverse portfolio of innovative products and over 120 iconic brands.


The Oster® brand team created and patented a combination can opener and juice, realizing the demand to make kitchen tools serve more than one purpose.


In the dawn of the computer age, the Oster® brand team capitalized on the trend of automation with its automatic juice extractor, providing Americans with a delicious cup of freshly squeezed OJ to help jump-start their morning.


Oster® translucent blenders and toasters were introduced.


The Oster® In2itive® Blender Blend-N-Go® cup product was created to take the guesswork out of blending. This blender was our first model to feature pre-programmed settings.


The Oster® Fusion blender was introduced. It combined the ice-crushing power of a blender with the chopping ability of a food processor so that families everywhere could make frozen drinks, salsas and smoothies.

*Source: US Smoothie Market Slurps Up $2 Billion, Mintel, Feb. 2007


As smartphones became more mainstream and people became more connected to email and social sites, the Oster® brand team was there to help them fill up on the go with MyBlend® personal blender, a solution for people who want to make and take their smoothie or protein shake to work, the gym and more.


The first Oster® Versa® blender is introduced, enabling cooks to experience the versatility of a high-powered blender to create a host of tasty yet healthy foods, all at an attainable price point.

Today, the brand’s promise of “power, performance and pride in results” spans a wide product/market portfolio including kitchen appliances, human and animal grooming products and pet care. It is a trusted brand icon in the States and abroad, best known for its lasting quality and durability.